Live Video Sex Show – The Good Side of Live Video Sex Shows

Blog reader of mixed doubles, David Fletcher, discussed it on his well-absorbed blog – The Mixx Factor. In his blog, he explained how it works, exactly how it can improve your sex life, and how it’s different from having sex with a live person. In fact, with so much detail, live sex shows are free to watch in the comfort of your home.

David Fletchley, a blogger who has written for Mixx for the past seven years, explains it best: “It is a mixture of a cam and a webcam. The cam is connected to your computer and the webcam shows live footage captured by your webcam. You can either see the cam feed. If it is a man, he is talking, if it is a woman, she is talking.”

David Fletchley continues: “If you want to try it out, you will need to connect your cam to your PC. Then you’ll be able to log into your personal account and select ‘live’. If you don’t want to interact with the other person in real time, you can just press record.” He adds: “It doesn’t require any extra software or plug-ins, so there’s no reason not to try it out.

For the most part, you can see some of the same features as a women’s, or mixed doubles show, but this version of the men’s show offers more interaction, including audience participation. When you watch, men talk in a conversational voice, but you get to see all the dirty talk. You also can see what is going on during intercourse and see it from the woman’s perspective. There’s not just the normal view of what’s happening during intercourse – the woman can talk through it, as well. She can ask questions and get answers.

Some of the features you will notice on the live video sex shows are that they are recorded using HD video. The clarity is so good you can almost feel the heat from her body as she moves as you make love to her. This allows you to really hear every nuance of what’s happening during sex.

As you can imagine, a live sex show is pretty expensive. So to save some money, you can buy the recording package for an annual fee. Which includes the recorded video. and any bonus features you want to add.